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  Welcome to the Church of Saint Luke, the Beloved Physician!
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Located at Church and Main Streets in Saranac Lake, in the heart of the Adirondacks, Saint Luke’s is a faithful community of Christians.

Founded in 1878, throughout its long history the parish has welcomed all persons; we seek to practice what St. Benedict taught his monks and their households: “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ” (Rule of Benedict 53:1). Our parish is centered on the worship of God and is committed to embracing all who come here with the love of Christ and to responding abundantly to the needs of our community and our world.

We hope you will browse these pages to learn more about our traditions and ministries and feel welcomed to join us regularly for fellowship and worship.


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Advent Giving Box

We are all familiar with Advent Calendars where we open a “window” on the calendar each day of Advent and “take” something out of the window which helps us to keep the season in a way that makes Christmas more meaningful. The “Advent Giving Box” allows us to “give” something each day of Advent in a way that will make Christmas more meaningful for each of us.

On Sunday, December 2, the First Sunday of Advent, each family unit will have the opportunity to take home a cardboard storage box from church. Each day of Advent carve some time out of your day (perhaps as you waken or sit down for a meal or prepare for bed), say a brief prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings you have in your life, and put an item in the box. If your family keeps and Advent Candle you might do this as you light the candle for the day. You can put in a canned good or any other type of nonperishable food item. We will then all bring our boxes with us to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day as we gather to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These boxes of food will be brought to the local food pantry to be distributed to those who are struggling to have enough food during the winter.

If you are not able to physically handle the weight of your box to get it to church on Christmas, call the parish office and we will try to arrange someone to pick up your box. One parishioner also suggested that personal hygiene items might be appropriate to place in the box.


We seek to bear witness to the transformative power of Jesus Christ's redeeming work and holy life by being Christ's hands and feet for all people as we worship, celebrate, and serve.

Our Visiting Clergy

Fr. Jim Bocchino:

Jan 6, 13, and 27th

Fr. George Nagle:

Jan. 20

Fr. Jim Bocchino:

Feb. 3, 10, and 24th

Fr. Glen Michaels:

Feb. 17th

Fr. Jim Bocchino:

March 3, 10, 24, and 31st

Fr. George Nagle:

March 17th



Read our vestry’s letter to Bishop Love over his response to the General Convention Resolution B012. here.