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   Vestry Commissions                            

St. Luke’s operates on a Commission System that reports to the Vestry. The Commissions and their chairs are listed below:

Buildings and Maintenance

Marty Roddy (891-0470) and Keith White (891-2859) co-chairs

This ministry identifies, plans, and oversees the maintenance of the facilities, including the Church, Parish Hall, Rectory, Baldwin House and garage/apartment. There is a landscape committee subset of this Commission.

Christian Formation

Judy Duncan (524-3548) and Ali Miller (354-3905), Children's Christian Education  

Laurie Bergamini and June Rockefeller, Adult Christian Education

This ministry oversees and supports Christian Education programs for children and adults. Within the scope of this Commission is the Sunday School, Teen groups, adult Bible Study and adult Christian Education.


Larry Poole, Chair (891-2404)

This Commission provides financial oversight for the Parish. It develops the annual budget in conjunction with the Treasurer and submits it to the Vestry for their review and adoption.  It also monitors the budget throughout the year. This commission oversees the parish's investments and makes recommendations to the Vestry regarding the use of funds from the endowments.  Insurance decisions and applications for grants are the purview of this Commission.



Kathleen Canzano, coordinator  (637-2692)

 This ministry coordinates the weekly coffee hours at both Sunday services, parish dinners, brunches, receptions and other functions at St Luke's that require preparing and serving food for the nourishment and fellowship of our parish.


Jan Dudones, chair (891-0967)

This Commission identifies and supports a variety of ministries to people in need within the local community, nationally, and throughout the world using money that is in the parish budget for outreach.

The Outreach Commission has approved the following donations:  Saranac Lake Fire Department, Family Champions, High Peaks Hospice, St. Margaret’s Convent (for work in Haiti), Reason 2 Smile, Saranac Lake Rescue Squad, Saranac Lake Summer Youth Program, Community Lunchbox, Adirondack Medical Center, St. George’s Seminary (in Jerusalem), Saranac Lake Adult Center, Adirondack Experience, the Church Army, and Heifer International. 





Stewards take care of persons or things placed in their charge. The Stewardship Commission facilitates support of the opportunities to sustain St. Luke's Church and its many ministries in and outside the parish. The Commission communicates with the parish in order to inform and educate parishioners about  stewardship opportunities. It is the role of the Stewardship Commission to organize the annual Ministries appeal and pledging process.


All members of the parish may serve on any Commission they choose. If you are interested in becoming involved in any aspect of Parish life, please contact the Commission Chair for details.