St. Luke's Church
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  St. Luke's Vestry

The Vestry has responsibilities as set forth in the Diocesan Canons, and as may be assigned by the Rector. The Vestry is authorized to act for the Parish in all matters concerning its property, funds, and assets.

The Vestry members serve for terms of three (3) years, and will have the qualifications set forth in the Diocesan Canons. Wardens serve a term of two years. Vestry members may be elected Warden. Vestry Members and Wardens must be members in good standing and St. Luke's Rector is an ex-officio voting member of the Vestry.

The Vestry is composed of nine (9) members and two (2) Wardens.

Sr. Warden: Chuck VanAnden
Jr. Warden: Donna Kleist

Elizabeth Kochar

Paul King

Ali Miller

Emily O'Mahony

Andy Pickreign

Dianne Fortado

Leah Finlayson

Clerk: Keith Wells
Treasurer: Keith White