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The worship service and the ministries associated with it are the largest responsibility in any church. The Rector handles the look, feel, scheduling--in other words, all aspects worship. Here following you will find simple definitions of the primary ministries that an Episcopal service entails.
Acolyte and elements Chalice bearer

Acolytes assist the priest at the altar, bear the candles that accompany the cross and other duties required during the service. Call the church office at (518) 891-3605 or email

Chalice Bearing
Chalice Bearers assist the Priest at Communion; offers the cup at the altar rail to communicants.


Laying on hands

Processional Cross

Healing Service -
Laying on of Hands

Laying on of Hands is available at the front of the church on the second and fourth Sundays of every month. Call the church office at (518) 891-3605 or email

The Crucifer
The Crucifer carries the cross during services. He or she leads the choir and clergy as well as accompanying the gospel reading. The crucifer processes out of the church at the end of the service followed by the choir and clergy.




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Select Sermons

Lectors are assigned to read one of the lessons or the prayers during the 7:45 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. service.

For Chalice Bearing, Crucifer, and Lectors call the Parish office 891-3605
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